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A quilt artist may follow a specific pattern but the interpretation of that design is as varied as each individual quilter. Join Mary as she shares a collection of antique quilts, designs and the unique variations of each. Enjoy the workmanship, the colors, the whimsy and everything in between!

Southern Quilts

The South has a rich quilting history, steeped in tradition and passed down through the generations. Join Mary Kerr as she shares some of the glorious designs, colors and patterns that are unique to that region.

Mary worked with 13 quilt historians and they are thrilled to share quilts from 17 Southern institutions and more than 50 private collectors. Enjoy these uniquely Southern patterns and styles. Celebrate the history and those who have shared of their time and talent.



Quilting Old into Art

Share ideas and inspiration as we explore ways to work with vintage textiles in new and different ways. With our quilting talents we can turn ordinary antique linens and vintage textiles into heirloom pieces. Mary Kerr will be sharing quilts from several collections and giving quilters permission to play. Learn tips and techniques that will allow you to add to your skill set and expand your quilting services. Let us celebrate this twist on quilting that connects our past and present.


Celebrate quilts from Mary Kerr's newest book, Twisted: Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist. This fabulous collection features modern quilts that were created using vintage textiles. Join in the fun as Mary shares her unique approach that gives us permission to play with vintage textiles in new and exciting ways.





Recycled Hexies

Join in the magic of hexagons as Mary Kerr shares yet another way to enjoy this time honored, ever popular pattern. Share quilts from her new book, Recycled Hexie Quilts as Mary presents a fresh and exciting way to repurpose, reuse and recycle those hexie fragments from yesteryear. Hundreds of hexagon patterns were published and thousands of quilts were started yet many of these textiles were never finished. Still others were damaged from overuse and neglect. Watch as these neglected textiles are transformed into contemporary quilts to be used, treasured and enjoyed.

Hexies in History

The simple hexagon has been a staple in our quilting traditions for more than 300 years. Early patterns employed this versatile shape in quilts we know as Mosiac or Honeycomb. In the 20th Century, this hexagon piecing became known as Grandmother’s Flower Garden. The basic shape has not changed over time but the fabric choices, piecing methods and overall designs are reflective of the resources that were available to each maker in her time. Join Mary Kerr as she shares pieces and inspiration from numerous collections.

Yes, You Can Machine Quilt Your Vintage!

Many questions arise when we consider finishing our vintage textiles. Can we machine quilt them, what do we need to think about, will we destroy the value, will the quilt police come and haunt us?? Join Mary as she presents a lively and engaging trunk show that focuses on the pros and cons of working with and completing those pieces from yesteryear. She will share numerous examples from several collections and welcomes audience sharing if time permits.

If Quilts Could Talk

What would quilts say to us if they could speak? This 1 hour lecture allows your guild members to bring their vintage pieces to share and together we will see what they say to us. Mary brings her extensive background in quilt history and you bring your quilts and your stories.

A Woman's Voice

Throughout history women have used their needle skills to express their opinions, political view points and dissatisfaction with the social circumstances of their times. While women were frequently discouraged from publicly speaking out, many were able to influence the world around them through their needlework, quilting patterns and quiet determination. Join Mary as she presents numerous antique and contemporary quilts from several collections. Together you can explore the historical voice that women have employed in American history.

Vintage Revisited: The Anatomy of a Challenge

This power point presentation and trunk show provides a behind the scenes look at Mary's current traveling exhibit, Vintage Revisited. 19 artists worked to create an exciting collection of 120 Art and Contemporary quilts using 6 identical sets of vintage blocks. You will see numerous examples of quilts from the collection and have an opportunity to meet the talented women who worked on this project. 

High in the Sky

Sue Reich

Burmese Silk

Kathy Lincoln

It's About Time

Cyndi Souder

What is Grandma's Garden Worth?

An entertaining trunk show that explains how appraisers determine the market values of vintage quilts, blocks and tops. Mary will bring more than 3 dozen pieces from her extensive collection and review the factors that go into appraising a quilt.

Wings of Hope

Remembering Dee

Out of the Trunk and Off the Tables

A unique trunk show and discussion about quilting with "found" fabrics. This lecture includes many examples and ideas for working with vintage textiles, old ties, period clothing, feedsacks and more.

Motherless Quilts

This lecture features a lively trunk show and discussion about working with orphan blocks and tops. Mary will show numerous examples from her collection of multigenerational quilts and new quilts from unrelated blocks and tops. This lecture is a great source of ideas for completing projects from yesteryear.

Say Stars and Butterflies

Vintage Round Robin

Grandma Kerr's Quilt

Anonymous and Me

Presenting quilts from several collections, this power point presentation and trunk show will focus on quilts that were started by one generation and finished by another. You will see numerous examples of both vintage and new compilation pieces that incorporate unfinished blocks, tops and pieces. Mary reviews the history of multi-generational pieces and introduces you to some of the modern innovators of this medium. Learn about documenting and labeling "new" pieces, tips to honor those quilters whose work we finish, and share Mary's lighthearted approach to age-old UFOs.

Saving Our Treasures

A trunk show and discussion that focuses on preserving our quilted textiles. We will discuss repair, restoration, conservation and appreciation as it relates to the textiles we have been entrusted to care for. Audience members are invited to bring their own vintage quilts to share and discuss as time allows.

Pieced Pillowcase c. 1820

Fleur de Lis c.1840

Delectable Mountains c. 1890

Monkey Wrench top c. 1900

2019 – 2022 Fees:

  • Lectures: $600
  • 3-4 Hour Workshop: $600 plus expenses
  • 6 Hour Workshop: $800 plus expenses
  • Expenses: travel @ current government mileage rate and accommodations if more than 2 hours away